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Information about giving

Things to be aware about when giving


Surgical Masks: If you have a lot of surgical masks, those can help hospitals. If you have just a few surgical masks, these may be better received by people who are currently infected with COVID-19 and don't want to spread the virus to their families.

N95 Masks: Hospitals desperately need these. If you have one or more, please donate these to hospitals. Their staff need these to stay safe.


Medically Trained & Certified: If you are trained in medical disciplines that can offer support to hospitals, hospitals need you. There are several different types of specialized nurses and doctors required to simply administer supported breathing methods using a ventillator.

Mental Health Counselling, Certified: If you are a trained & certified professional who is willing to offer mental health counselling services to those who need it most right now- your help could be used for those: suffering from the infection, reeling from a loss of a loved one,

Delivery/Shopping Volunteering: You might be delivering to someone elderly, someone sick, or someone at risk vital the groceries or medications they need. Please do your best to avoid transmission. Wear masks, gloves, protective gear. Handle the deliveries in a non-contact manner for the safety of everyone involved.

Virtual Company: You can be anyone! Just be kind, supportive, understanding to the people who you're speaking with :-) Create Zoom calls, Google Hangout calls, or Skype calls and speak to people!

Personal Supplies

We've limited this to key staples and other hard to find things. If you have some of these things, please list them! DO NOT try to sell items. These posts will be removed. This is strictly a donation & volunteering platform.

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